Gabriel Garzón-Montano
Livestream Series
New York City

Optical Animal had the pleasure of hosting Gabriel Garzón-Montano at our Brooklyn studio for a series of six successive live stream performances, each one reimagined and different in its own way. Gabriel invited a new musical guest to be featured each week throughout the run, playing host to fellow Brooklynites Synead, Rosehardt, Amber Mark, Onyx Collective, and Dominic Missana, as well as a dance performance choreographed by Damani Pompey and performed by Nouhoum Koita. Gabriel also welcomed Ki Smith Gallery from Harlem to curate and showcase work each week from artists Ryan Bock, James Reyes, Bruno Smith, and Sono Kuwayama.

The broadcasts combined a 16-channel live audio and a 5-channel live video mix, streaming directly to Gabriel's Youtube page. We worked with Youtube Music to facilitate the streams and to pilot a new beta feature that enabled the livestream to transition automatically into a premiere of official music videos for 'Someone', and later for 'Aguita'. On occasion the segments also gave way to a live Q&A with Gabriel, responding to live comments from fans on the stream. All precautions were maintained to mitigate any possible exposure to covid-19, including mask requirements, daily disinfecting, ample ventilation, and keeping crew and personnel in the studio to an absolute minimum.