The Museum Of Pizza
New York City | 2018

When the Nameless Network reached out to Optical Animal about creating an installation for "The History Of Pizza" exhibit in their pop up The Museum Of Pizza, we knew we had to find a creative way to capture the magnitude, and the sheer transcendence of the subject at hand.

We decided to set ourselves the limitation of using entirely analog equipment to achieve the installation - much of it dating back over 40 years. The warmth and light of the analog equipment served as a reminder of the fire that, eons ago, ancient humans would gather around for safety, comfort, and community. It's the same fire that, in its most primitive days, the first ever pizza was born out of.

Over 800 'pizza fact' slides, two looping 16mm film projectors showcasing original pizza animations and found footage, and one Scott Weiner pizza historian 'hologram' later, we knew we were on to something. The result was a multichannel, educational rollick through pizza's mythical past, one that enthralls and envelops the viewer all at once, much like the first bite of a slice of pizza fresh from the oven.