Real Estate
U.S. TOUR | 2019

Real Estate took to the road in Summer 2019 to promote their 5th full length studio album, The Main Thing. The band reached out to Optical Animal to create their touring visuals package and to mix throughout the run. We worked closely with the band to find the look of the show, feeding off the energy of the fresh record, riffs on the new album art, paper collages, video feedback loops, analog video distortion, painted 16mm film, Unity 3D gaming assets, found 16mm and 8mm footage, and cell animation. For fun, we also piped two live IMAG feeds from cameras onstage back into the overall mix.

The result was a mellifluous collection of content that established a familiarity and extended the narrative of the new tunes. The looks were applied to a triptych of concentric LED squares, echoing the cover art of the new album. In the end, the stage design & visuals gave a kick to an already awesome show that put the audience at center stage.