Verizon | Oscars
New York City x Los Angeles

Verizon's stellar team at in-house agency 140 reached out to Optical Animal to conceptualize and develop an interactive photo booth that would transport the 92nd Academy Awards, happening 3,000 miles away in Hollywood, straight into the heart of Times Square — and give New Yorkers the chance to live that red carpet life firsthand.

A collaborative effort with the Oscars, a live 360° camera was set up on the actual red carpet in LA during pre-show festivities, allowing everyday folks in NY to tune in via AR live feed, all powered by Verizon's supercharged 5G broadband.

To raise the stakes, we assembled a spirited group of five "paparazzi" pit photographers, whose cameras were connected to our custom built touchscreen photobooth system. Photos were formatted, stamped, and displayed all in real-time, allowing participants to select and send themselves their favorite shots via text or email.

The hearty encouragement from our paparazzi troupe brought smiles to everyone’s faces — and with 2000+ photos taken, over 300 photos were sent from our touchscreen system to participants’ phones throughout the evening.