Optical Animal is a leading video design & content studio located in New York City. We are constantly seeking, exploring, tinkering, testing, and driving new ways to push the convergence of design, technology, and the human experience.

Optical Animal - Jen Stark Cascade | Experiential Design, Projection Mapping Jen Stark
Optical Animal - Amiri | Experiential Design, Projection Mapping Amiri
Optical Animal - Christian Louboutin | Projection Mapping Christian Louboutin
Optical Animal - 21 West End | Content Design, Projection Mapping 21 West End
Optical Animal - Verizon | Oscars | Experience Design, Software Development Verizon / Oscars
Optical Animal - Shantell Martin | Experiential Edit Shantell Martin
Optical Animal - Thom Yorke | Projection Mapping Thom Yorke
Optical Animal - Marriott | Superbowl 360 Marriott / Super Bowl 360°
Optical Animal - Succession | Immersive Installation, Film Production Succession -  HBO
Optical Animal - Museum Of Pizza | Projection Installation Museum Of Pizza
Optical Animal - Intel | Projection Mapping Intel/Uproxx
Optical Animal - Real Estate | Video Art, Live Mix Real Estate
Optical Animal - Moncler | Projection Mapping Moncler
Optical Animal - LE Miami | Experiential Design LE Miami
Optical Animal - Microsoft | Projection Mapping Microsoft Surface
Optical Animal - MGMT | Tour Visuals MGMT
Optical Animal - Viacom | Projection Mapping New York Viacom
Optical Animal - The Millipede | Immersive Installation, Experiential Design The Millipede
Optical Animal - Ping Pong Pool | Experiential Design, Content Design, Projection Mapping Ping Pong Pool
Optical Animal - People Pile | Video Art, Projection Mapping People Pile
Optical Animal - Projection Napping | Video Art, Projection Mapping Projection Napping
Optical Animal - Kaki King | Music Video The Surface Changes
Optical Animal - Elsewhere Brooklyn | System Design, Live VJ Elsewhere
Optical Animal - Phantogram | Content Design, Live VJ Phantogram
Optical Animal - Transformers | Content Design, Projection Mapping, Immersive Transformers
Optical Animal - Electric Zoo | Stage Design, Content Design Electric Zoo
Optical Animal - Phony Ppl | Music Video Why iii Love The Moon
Optical Animal - IHG Hotel Indigo LES | Content Design, Projection Mapping, Immersive Hotel Indigo LES
Optical Animal - Big Ears | Expanded Cinema Gravity Hill
Optical Animal - SLS South Beach | Content Design, Projection Mapping SLS South Beach
Optical Animal - Sufjan Stevens | Live VJ Sufjan Stevens
Optical Animal - Childish Gambino | System Design, Live VJ Childish Gambino
Optical Animal - New World Symphony | Content Design, Projection Mapping New World Symphony
Optical Animal - Graffiti Girl | Video Art, Projection Mapping Graffiti Girl
Optical Animal - PayPal | Projection Mapping, Commercial Paypal
Optical Animal - Elon + Emmanuelle | Video Art, Projection Mapping Elon + Emmanuelle
Optical Animal - Gabriel Garzón-Montano | Livestream Series Gabriel Garzón-Montano
Optical Animal - Sony Playstation | Experiential Design, Projection Mapping Sony Playstation
Optical Animal - International Champion's Cup | Projection Mapping, Halftime Show International Champion's Cup
Calvin Klein
Optical Animal - In the Hall of the Sad King | Video Art Exhibition, Projection In The Hall Of
The Sad King
Jotun Istanbul
Optical Animal Beyond The Dawn
Optical Animal - MoMA | Projection Mapping New York MoMA Armory